Monday, October 29, 2012

Christmas is coming!!

Finally got a minute to post a picture. These are the ruffled scarves, very easy to make.
Go to youtube, pull up tutorials for starbella yarn, there are several to choose from.
The red scarf has metallic thread on the edge, those are a little stiffer, more fullness,
also the tutorial will tell you to pull up eight loops, I found eight made the scartf a little
"flimsy", needs more fullness, I pull 12-14 loops, and the scarf will be long enough.
Also, pull the yarn from the middle, this stuff twists, and you will have to drop the
ball a few times, and let the thread untwist. These are simple, fun, very cute. One woman
at Michael's told me she is selling these for $30.00. Now I would not pay that much for
a ruffly scarf, but I am pairing a couple of matching socks with these, and I think making
a nice gift.



  1. Very nice scarves, Patrice. Your friends will love getting these for gifts!

  2. Beautiful scarves Patrice..adore the red one!!